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zenbeat – rediscovering great music

You know how it is. Your iTunes library has 500GB of the most cutting edge, essential grooves from your preferred genres. Enough music to keep your ears busy for weeks. But you have heard it all so much that none of it is hitting the spot anymore.

You have nothing that you want to listen to. You need some new music, but what?

zenbeat has the solution.

We write about what we know, with plenty of features about our favourite artists, albums and musical styles. You will also find plenty of video and audio clips, book and DVD reviews and links to other resources.

The Zenbeat writers have been in love with music for more decades than it’s polite to mention, and this website is where we share our knowledge. Our passion for music covers many different styles and genres. We have a deep love of rock in many flavours, house, techno and other forms of dance music, funk, reggae, jazz and much more. Our writers include musicians, DJ’s, producers and straightforward music fans.

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We are always looking for contributors to Zenbeat. If you have an idea for a music-related article get in touch.

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