Zenbeat playlist February 2013

Our soundtrack during the past four weeks has been an eclectic mixture of classic rock, psychedelia, funk, jazz, blues and progressive house.

  • David Bowie – Outside
    A hugely underrated David Bowie album, 1995’s Outside is a collection of atmospheric, electronic soundscapes with elements of industrial, grunge, and ambient techno. And some great songs. Check it out.

  • Global Underground 17: Danny Tenaglia In London
    Top quality underground house music on two CD’s by the DJ’s DJ at the top of his game. Deep tribal house with tight basslines, soulful tunes and plenty of big hands-in-the-air breakdowns.

  • Billie Holiday – Body And Soul
    Lady Day sings her heart out on this 1957 album of jazz standards. Gorgeous music on many levels.

  • Rick James – Street Songs
    Rick James 1981 funk masterpiece has subsequently been sampled by many hip-hop artists. Deeply funky basslines, tight horns, intricate rhythms and a great sense of fun.

  • The Rolling Stones – Beggars Banquet
    Beggars Banquet is a excellent collection of delta-blues influenced rock songs. With great acoustic and slide guitar work, and a raw looseness across the album, Beggars Banquet was the first of The Rolling Stones masterpieces.

  • Pink Floyd – Meddle
    To be precise, side two of the original vinyl edition with it’s one track is what we’ve been playing; Echoes, a 23 minute progressive rock milestone of textures, motifs and hooks, an epic piece of music that paved the way for The Dark Side Of The Moon.

  • Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin IV
    This month’s obligatory Led Zeppelin entry on the playlist is their fourth album from 1971, the one with Black Dog, Rock & Roll, The Battle Of Evermore, Stairway To Heaven and When The Levee Breaks. What more do you need from an album?

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